In the field of property management, we take over the technical and commercial management of apartment buildings (as well as partly commercial properties).

We look after the property from basement to roof, including the coordination of repairs, analysis and implementation of modernisation measures in agreement with the owner and the search for a suitable tenant when a hire period is about to expire or a contract has been cancelled. Contract negotiations will be conducted diligently and proactively. We believe that a good, long-term lease is clearly worth more than the maximum short-term rental income. We are working to reduce the "second rent", the additional costs borne by the tenant. We optimise the existing contracts with service providers, utilities and insurances. For insurances of the properties we have a framework agreement which contains reduced rates.

We understand tenants in exceptional situations and seek realistic solutions to help both parties.

As a property owner, you will receive written statements from us, revealing all essential information, income and costs. In addition, we analyse your property and suggest different ways to enhance the long term value of the asset.

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