JHW Hamburg was founded in 2011 by the cousins Hannes Wolff und Jonas Wolff. The aim is to pool various investment and management activities together with the provision of services for investors and property owners in Hamburg and Berlin.

The initial focus of the company is the real estate market. Investments into shipping markets are being considered for the medium term future.

The core business of JHW Hamburg is the structuring of real estate investments for a selected number of private investors and moreover the ongoing management of existing properties with a size of more than three units in and around Hamburg and in the city of Berlin.

Together we have many years of experience in the area of finance and investment as well as in the operational management of real estate. We have repeatedly demonstrated that we are able to increase the long term value of properties by applying various strategies without compromising our social responsibility. We protect and enhance the value of real estate by conducting an optimal management, sustainable repairs and modernisation, forward-looking contract negotiations, the reduction of loss of rent and/or the development and leasing of unused space.

In addition to the active management, we are responsible for the commercial and technical management of properties and also offer our advice on buying and selling of real estate.